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Environmentally Friendly & Cruelty Free

Our calves are raised in groups, not in individual pens, and they can drink milk when and how they want. This is closer to how it happens in nature. The technology we use spots sick calves before humans do. What's more, ALL bull calves are raised on Lamolor Farm.

Each cow is weighed daily before milking to ensure she is healthy and she is given a unique diet for producing milk with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

All water and by-products are 100% recycled. Training activities uplift employees and improve their skills and knowledge.

Ethical & Sustainable Milk Production

Lamolor Farm produces fodder and feed the way nature intended and controls the entire food chain from farm to fork. Using energy efficient methods and organic fertilizer to increase soil fertility, we ensure a low carbon footprint. Technology helps improve milk quality, efficiency and production of one of the world's most nutritious food sources sustainably.


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Calf Feeding Technology by Urban

Lamolor is the only dairy farm in the Western Cape with a fully integrated Urban calf rearing system, allowing freedom of movement and social interaction with other calves, closer to how nature intended.

The CalfMom Paula enables fully automatic feeding of calves, saving time and labour. It monitors the calves like a mother and raises the alarm if a calf does not drink as before.

The Alma Pro feeds little portions several times a day, which is important for the calf in order to reach optimal growth rates. It also supports development of the calf to becoming a healthy and productive dairy cow.